Anonymous Crypto-Currencies With Highest Investment Potential As Of March 2017

Since last year, the price per unit and the volume of assets of the crypto-currencies DASH, Zcash (ZEC) and Monero (XMR) have been growing at the rapid-fire pace. We’ve drawn up a selection of several digital monies based on the same technology that have high chances to meet with big success in the near future.

The Crucial Role Of Anonymity

Despite all its merits, BitCoin has a problem: if you share your address once, all your financial transactions become trackable. And sometimes we all find ourselves in a situation where the money needs to be transferred somewhere excluding the possibility of back-tracking. An example of such a situation may be making a donation or sending a present anonymously to a person you admire. Moreover, the European Union put up for discussion the proposal on de-anonimization of digital currencies. Luckily for presenters that wish to stay incognito, some crypto-currencies aim to keep this issue out of your concern.

Potentially Successful Anonymous Coins

ByteBalls (aka GBYTE). All your transactions are concealed from the attention of third parties. Money goes to the payee without leaving a trace in a publicly available database. Only the transaction hash is recorded, but it serves no good for tracking the payer. Trading platform(s): Cryptox.

ExclusiveCoin (aka EXCL). It’s a fork (branch) of DASH established in 2014. While the “mother” crypto-currency featured Proof of Work, the “daughter” has Proof of Stake. In brief, buy the virtual coins, and then stake them when you see an open wallet. Trading platform(s): CoinExchange, Bittrex.

Zcoin (aka XZC). Features the span-new Zerocoin protocol, making a step towards decentralization without compromising security or performance. The mining process is very light and doesn’t take long to complete. Trading platform(s): BTC38, Bittrex, and other.

Zdash (aka ZDASH). It’s a fork (branch) of Zcash that appeals to users with its lack of any developer’s fee for mining. Most of the statistic parameters the Zdash system employs are derived from BitCoins. Other advantages include friendly user community and tireless development team. Not available at large exchanges yet. Trading platform(s): Cryptopia.