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There are many payment options available for online casinos, but only a handful of options are safe for use. Therefore, making the right decision while choosing them is imperative to protect your information from malicious intruders.

Credit Cards

Many online casinos accept credit cards for safe payment methods, but you should check with your credit card company to understand their terms and conditions.

Debit Cards

Most online casino sites prefer debit cards for safe payments and to limit rejected payments. In addition, while some banks charge a fee for every transaction, other banks prefers to keep it charge-free.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are also virtual debit cards used in various gambling sites. It is the best alternative for credit cards as it limits the amount daily, thus preventing addiction.

most used

payment methods in online casinos

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets, also called E-wallets, are third-party payment gateways that are a great way to make transactions anonymously. It resembles an online bank, which helps in safe monetary transactions.

Bank Transfer

If you need timely hassle-free payments, then a bank or wire transfer is the safest option, which also aids in providing a safe and prompt payment gateway.


If you are conscious of mentioning your card or bank details online, crypto helps build trust-worthy payment options, which helps you transfer and receive money anonymously.

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Online Casinos

Payment Options Available For Online Casinos

There are numerous ways to deposit money into your account and withdraw potential profits when using online casino payment methods. You won’t need to worry about security while making a deposit at an online casino because respectable casinos employ a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer with electronic and digital encryption to protect your private information. We’ll go over everything so you can pick which casino payment method is perfect for you if you would like to discover more about online casino payment options in-depth.

Credit and debit

Credit and debit cards

Using a debit card is the most common way to fund an online casino account. After all, it’s a secure way to fund your casino account, and the majority of individuals worldwide have at least one credit card that matches the description. Credit card payments are widely utilized for online purchases; hence this method of payment is widely accepted.
When registering your card, you must enter the lengthy number located on the front of the card. You don’t need to be concerned about disclosing any delicate personal information because the data is encrypted. If you used your debit card to make your initial transaction, you won’t have to re-enter your card information to make subsequent deposits on the casino website. Your card details will be stored by the casino operator, but each time you make a deposit, you will need to input your security code. This still holds true if you play at a casino using a credit card.

Prepaid payment methods and EWallet

Despite the fact that you might not be aware of wallets, several gambling websites offer a number of other payment options. The most well-known electronic wallets are PayPal and the specialized ones offered by Neteller and Skrill.


The most prominent streaming payment channel, PayPal, has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past 20 years. When playing at casinos, using PayPal is a fast and simple alternative to using a debit card that needs to be registered or remember long security codes. Regardless matter whether you’re placing a payment with a debit card, credit card, direct bank transfer, wire transfer, etc., you may send money to practically anyone in the world with PayPal.


A well-known alternative to eWallets is Skrill, which is owned and operated by PaySafe. It works similarly to other payment methods in that you deposit funds into your online account before visiting casinos and making secure purchases.



A well-known payment option with a solid reputation for simplicity is Neteller. High-speed transactions are now reliable thanks to online-only digital currencies like the premium Net+ card and an additional deposit method.


EcoPayz is a cutting-edge online payment system that is becoming more and more well-liked. You can open an ecoPayz account, that gives you the ability to send, receive, and spend cash all through a single safe transaction point.

Casino Payment

Alternative Casino Payment Methods In 2022 In New Zealand

When financing any of their online casino accounts, casino clients will typically use the same deposit method because it is typically a simpler process. There are other payment options besides credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, etc. This article will examine the top alternative payment processors and put emphasis on the factors that customers value most when making deposits and withdrawals.

Casino payments with Google Pay

You have an easy and convenient way to make a casino phone deposit if you are acquainted with the products and can install the Google Pay app. Any customer who wants to utilize an Android device to initiate a casino deposit or withdrawal can primarily use Google Pay.
You must have a bank card in your name linked to Google Pay in order to make deposits using that service into your casino account. You can specify the withdrawal card as well as the card to which the monies will be sent if more than one card is registered.

Casino payments

Revolut casino payments

A rising number of casino patrons are searching for a no-fee means of processing casino deposits since they frequently feel ripped off by currency conversion rates when they must move money between other currencies. With the Revolut casino deposit option, you may easily transfer funds from your online payment account without paying any fees.
While this method is increasingly more commonly accepted, customers require a Revolut payment account to use it for casino deposits and withdrawals. This also applies to operators that are governed by and licensed in New Zealand. Many people consider this to be a win-win solution due to the simplicity of managing the funds.

Casino payments using Klarna

The big casino websites, a majority of which are regulated in New Zealand, are now beginning to accept Klarna, in business since 2005. Customers don’t have to disclose their banking information to anyone, making it essentially a sizable virtual bank that runs within the European Union.
You may use Klarna to deposit money into a casino in essentially three different ways. Depending on how you wish to access your account, you can then either “pay now,” “pay later,” or “slice it.” The likelihood of the “pay later” option will likely be reduced, and certain casino operators may need upfront payments in accordance with New Zealand legislation.

Casino payments

Casino Payments with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the exclusive realm of any customer using an Apple mobile product, and it functions similarly to Google Pay or Amazon Pay. This implies that anyone with an iPad or an iPhone can transfer money, and it’s probable that you’ve done so in the past to make other purchases with your smartphone.
Whereas the cash goes through promptly and it’s a simpler process for mobile users than needing to go through the hassle of registering a card, you will need to utilize Apple Touch Code to facilitate a deposit.

Online Casinos

Most Used Payment Methods In Online Casinos

When it comes to the protection of players’ personal information, developers of online casino websites often have more pressing concerns than merely creating fun games for customers to enjoy. If you want to give a player trust in an online casino, the payment method must be simple, secure, and easy. If you already know which casino choice you want, you can select it right away from the most used list of available payments below.

Bank Transfers

Depending on the payment option you choose, there is constantly a possibility to complete a bank wire transfer. Make sure to get in touch with your bank if there is a problem with a bank transfer so they can help you fix it. Using a bank wire to make a deposit into your respective online casino account could take a while. It can be a lifesaver if you want to start playing online gambling but people without access to a credit card or even other possibilities.

Instant bank transfers

There’s no reason to wait if you don’t want to in order to play your favorite casino games. What is the most effective method of depositing without a credit card or e-wallet? You can send cash from any smartphone device at any time using Instant Bank Transfers. You simply take money out of the bank account and deposit it into the casino account, which will clear in a short while and provide you the ability to start playing.

Casino Using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Even tech-savvy customers may struggle to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are two of the most popular digital currencies available. Numerous online casinos will accept bitcoin, and you might even be eligible for a reward if you register as a new player and fill your account with cryptocurrency.
Customers frequently desire to keep their identities a secret when making deposits or withdrawals at Bitcoin casinos. Inflation, a significant problem for many currencies, may be overcome by users with an electronic currency.

Phone Payment

Paying through a mobile network operator is another well-liked payment method. In most cases, Pay by Phone includes placing an internet deposit via your mobile network operator, and these companies will subsequently add that sum to your monthly account. Again, it’s primarily automated, so you can save time by making manual deposits and setting up recurring billing plans to get payments.

Phone Payment


Some operators are increasingly introducing additional payment options for mobile casinos, such as pay by phone. Using Boku on your smartphone, you can add cash to your casino account. Additionally, if the system accepts the charge, this digital payment platform enables you to pay money using a cell phone.


Payforit is yet another banking product. You can put cash into the casino using your mobile device. However, the money will either be applied to your balance or to your recurring phone bill.

Safest Payment

The Safest Payment Options for Gamers in New Zealand

The fact that virtual casinos offer big bonuses and, more crucially, games that allow for in-app buys and other possibilities has helped them gain more popularity. The only concern is how to effectively handle your finances online, particularly if you intend to play at casinos, deposit funds, and withdraw wins. Always conduct a thorough study and consult online casino review sites to stay out of problems. A list of well-liked and dependable payment options may be seen below. You won’t have to be concerned about security issues with any of them.


PayPal ensures the protection and secrecy of clients’ private information while making payments quick and straightforward. According to the service, all transactions are monitored round-the-clock and are strongly protected by next-generation encryption. To avoid fraud, a different group of experts will handle any dubious situations. Your financial data is never shared with the merchant when you pay using this wallet. A user only needs to enter his credit card and bank information once to register on the PayPal website. This implies that he won’t need to post this information online frequently.


Customers of Paysafecard can quickly send and receive payments. For further security, each customer is assigned a unique 16-digit PIN. If the client suggests security advice, of course, the company guarantees that it can never be stolen or hacked.


Casino fans can send money to pay their wagers using the practical, contemporary e-wallet Neteller. It’s not necessary to connect your bank information to the gambling website. High levels of security are in place. The service employs SSL encryption, and you have the option to utilize Two-Step Authentication, which adds an extra degree of protection by requiring that you input your email address and password along with a code from your smartphone.




Local gamblers may quickly transfer money from their bank accounts, cards, and coupons to numerous online casinos using Skrill. You can avoid disclosing your card or bank information to anybody or anywhere by using this method. Skrill frequently refreshes its selections, and as a result, New Zealanders can now utilize the service to purchase cryptocurrencies that are also accepted by numerous iGaming operators.


Players who often use credit/debit cards should be aware that they provide safe deposit and withdrawal options at casinos. There will be little to no costs when you try to withdraw your earnings. It’s important to keep in mind that the casino where you play will now have privy to your card information. There are fraud and third-party protections, which is a blessing.


Visa is an excellent credit or debit card that may be used for gaming, just like MasterCard. There are no fees, support for withdrawals and deposits and a high level of security supported by SSL encryption as well as other technologies are only a few of its advantages. Overall, Visa and MasterCard are practical payment options with a lot in common for deposits and withdrawals.