Alternative Casino Payment Methods In 2022 In New Zealand

Casino Payment

When financing any of their online casino accounts, casino clients will typically use the same deposit method because it is typically a simpler process. There are other payment options besides credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, etc. This article will examine the top alternative payment processors and put emphasis on the factors that customers value most when making deposits and withdrawals.

Casino payments with Google Pay

You have an easy and convenient way to make a casino phone deposit if you are acquainted with the products and can install the Google Pay app. Any customer who wants to utilize an Android device to initiate a casino deposit or withdrawal can primarily use Google Pay.
You must have a bank card in your name linked to Google Pay in order to make deposits using that service into your casino account. You can specify the withdrawal card as well as the card to which the monies will be sent if more than one card is registered.

Casino payments

Revolut casino payments

A rising number of casino patrons are searching for a no-fee means of processing casino deposits since they frequently feel ripped off by currency conversion rates when they must move money between other currencies. With the Revolut casino deposit option, you may easily transfer funds from your online payment account without paying any fees.
While this method is increasingly more commonly accepted, customers require a Revolut payment account to use it for casino deposits and withdrawals. This also applies to operators that are governed by and licensed in New Zealand. Many people consider this to be a win-win solution due to the simplicity of managing the funds.

Casino payments using Klarna

The big casino websites, a majority of which are regulated in New Zealand, are now beginning to accept Klarna, in business since 2005. Customers don’t have to disclose their banking information to anyone, making it essentially a sizable virtual bank that runs within the European Union.
You may use Klarna to deposit money into a casino in essentially three different ways. Depending on how you wish to access your account, you can then either “pay now,” “pay later,” or “slice it.” The likelihood of the “pay later” option will likely be reduced, and certain casino operators may need upfront payments in accordance with New Zealand legislation.

Casino payments

Casino Payments with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the exclusive realm of any customer using an Apple mobile product, and it functions similarly to Google Pay or Amazon Pay. This implies that anyone with an iPad or an iPhone can transfer money, and it’s probable that you’ve done so in the past to make other purchases with your smartphone.
Whereas the cash goes through promptly and it’s a simpler process for mobile users than needing to go through the hassle of registering a card, you will need to utilize Apple Touch Code to facilitate a deposit.

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